Performance Nation Camp is an outreach program that provides a positive environment for quality education in performing arts, physical fitness, and performance literacy during the summer break. Through this program students will receive the following:

Dance classes in ballet, jazz , hip hop.
Acting classes
Voice classes
Yoga classes geared toward internal wellness and stress relief.
Boot camp   
Wellness and Nutrition Workshops
Field trips
Daily practice in reading & comprehension through script reading.
Before and After Care

Our promise is to provide the youth with a cost efficient, positive, safe, professional space to express themselves. Our space will foster a oneness with mind and body, as well as quality performing arts education. Through performing arts education, the youth will gain self confidence plus a greater understanding their emotions. Practice teamwork along with social interactions with others. They improve on coordination, flexibility, strength as well as kinetic awareness. Learn to think quick and critical, minimize errors then jump back on track. They also master anxiety through public speaking among peers in addition to the performance. The platform of the performing arts is a fun and physical way for the youth to implement and practice these important life skills.

Our Promise

Our Camp